Does UPS Drug Test? (& How To Pass It Safely)

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If you are looking to get employed by the multinational company UPS, you may be curious about their drug testing policies.

The company has a strict no drug policy, and you may lose your job or an opportunity for one if you test positive for any of the drugs they test for.

Past and current employees have differing accounts of what happens, but we have done our best to give you a detailed account of UPS drug testing procedures.

Drug testing on UPS employees depends on factors such as the type of job, the state, and the local managers. Positions in UPS include; package handlers, package delivery drivers, technician and fleet drivers, engineers, and corporate.

Who gets tested during the interview?

fleet driver drug test

Like most companies, the first interview is just to get to know you. If you are applying for any position other than a fleet driver or forklift operator, you will not have any drug test done.

However, if you are applying to become a technician operator or fleet driver, you will have a drug test in the last phase of your interview as required by Federal law. This is usually a urine test for marijuana, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, cocaine, and other drugs.

It is easier to get employed as a warehouse worker, package handler, or engineer if you are a recreational user since no tests are done during the interview.

Note: If you are on any prescription medication, it is advisable to disclose that you are on medication, but you are not obligated to say which medication and why you are taking it.

Does UPS conduct random drug testing?

does ups drug test

For most employees, UPS does not have random drug tests. However, if your supervisor suspects you are under the influence of a substance, they may carry out a random test, and if positive, you may lose your job.

The case is different for forklift operators, drivers, and warehouse employees. Since these are critical employees, the company conducts frequent random drug tests. If you fail the test, you may lose your job.


Post-Accident Testing

ups drug test policy

If a driver, package handler, forklift operator, warehouse employee, or specialist causes an accident or is injured in an accident, a drug test may be conducted.




How is the drug test conducted?

UPS mainly relies on urine drug tests. You will be required to bring in a fresh urine sample for analysis.

How to Pass a UPS Drug Test

toxin rid 5 day detox reviews

The best way to pass a UPS drug test depends on how much time you have before the test.

Natural Detox

If you have plenty of time before the test (e.g., if you are going in for a Forklift operator interview in a few weeks), natural detox is the best option. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Exercise regularly to burn fat cells and release THC into the blood.
  • Eat a diet rich in fiber and lean protein. This will help remove THC from the body faster.
  • Drink lots of fluids. This also helps get rid of THC from your body.

Detox Kit

If you are pressed for time, get a detox kit. You can find detox kits that work in as little time as three days. But if you have time, get one formulated for 5-14 days.

Toxin Rid is the most proven THC detox kit, but there are several other options in the market.

Detox Drink

If you only have a few hours or just a couple of days before the test, try a detox drink. Detox drinks don’t detox you from removing THC.

Rather, they dilute your urine to lower levels of detectable THC to below the testing threshold. They also contain ingredients to make sure your urine doesn’t appear diluted when the lab tests it.

Some people also use synthetic urine, but it carries more risk compared to other detox methods since it is easier to be discovered. But if you are out of options, you can give it a try.

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