Preparing for a Hair Drug Test: Top Tips for Testing Negative

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With an added emphasis on hiring and working with individuals who are sober and aren’t involved in any form of abuse, many professional organizations are moving towards hair follicle drug tests to determine whether an individual really is the perfect fit for them or not.

During the course of your hiring procedure, you will be required to come in for a drug test that requires samples of your hair to be taken and tested to see whether you have consumed a drug during the past few days.

When it comes to drug testing, hair follicle testing and urine testing are two of the most common testing methods followed by hiring agencies. These testing methods detect the presence of substances in your body and alert the organization if you have consumed a drug during the past few days, weeks or even months.

In this article we prepare you to take a hair follicle drug test and provide you with tips you can follow to make sure you test negative. The process can be mentally taxing and exhausting, but we want you to remain attentive and give your best shot, because the results of your drug test will have a definitive role to play in determining whether you land employment or not.

Know What to Expect

To begin with, you should know what to expect from the test. The procedure usually involves taking a small strand of hair from your head and using that as a sample for the test. The lab technician tasked with taking the test will then take your sample and determine whether there is a significant presence of drug in your body or not.

The detection window for THC in your body is roughly three months long. Similarly, other drugs can remain in your system for roughly up to 3 to 4 months.

Since hair follicle drug testing can catch drugs taken around 2 to 3 months back, it is considered to be one of the most reliable testing methods by organizations before employing someone new.

The screening methods employed in hair follicle drug testing are far more superior than the methods used in urine or other tests to detect the presence of drugs in your body.

There are multiple accounts of people who say they have faked a drug test. The entire process of faking a drug test requires a hair and body detox. These methods may or may not get you through the hair follicle drug test if you have consumed drugs in the recent past.

Abstain From Drugs

The only authentic way to clear the hair follicle drug test is to abstain from drugs, the moment you find out that there is a drug test on the cards. Since drug tests are mostly called upon for employment or immigration purposes, you should be sincere to your professional and personal life and should abstain from or drop the habit of drugs when you feel that a major decision is on the cards.

Regardless of whether you have had drugs the night before the test or a couple of months before the test, the test would not differentiate candidates on the basis of time duration. The test is tasked with finding out the presence of drug related chemicals inside your body, regardless of how long they have been there for.

Hair follicle drug tests detect opioids in your body, as a sign of drug consumption. Since screenings have become a lot more frequent than they were back in the day, it is difficult for candidates to have a false positive. Back in the day, people would get a false positive on their test, even if they have consumed the drug ibuprofen a day or two before the test.

However, testing methods have improved over time and no anomalies are recorded anymore.

Be Sure With a Home Testing Kit

Sometimes you can test positive even if you haven’t consumed drugs for a while. To make sure that you pass the test and that there aren’t any hindrances in your success, it is necessary that you prepare a home testing kit.

A home testing kit will let you know whether you have reason to worry, and will alert you if there are still some drugs present in your system from exposureback in the day. Home testing kits don’t cost a lot of money and will give you the peace of mind you need before the test.

Popular Detox Techniques

If you had some form of drug a month or two prior to your testing, then you can practice popular detox techniques to clear drugs from your body. However, there are no techniques that work if you have had drugs a night before the test or within a month before the test.

Hair Detox

Practice popular hair detox techniques that help clear your scalp follicles and renew the strength of your hair. This way, you can not only increase your chances of clearing the test, but can also make sure that you look after your hair. Rubbing your hair with white distilled vinegar water can work here.

Dying Your Hair

One last resort method you can apply to clear the presence of THC particles from your hair follicles is by dying your hair. However, this method isn’t as effective and will work in only a few cases.

Cooperate With the Collector

Once you go in for the testing procedure, it is necessary that you listen to the collector and cooperate as much as you can with them. Do not let them get the feelingthat you aren’t being cooperative or don’t want to be involved in the process. Comply with the regulations and keep your ID with you during the process. The ID will be necessary to confirm your identity.