Hair Drug Test In Your Future? Use This 60-Second Calculator To See If You’ll Pass

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Everyone gets nervous about an upcoming drug test. You’d be crazy not to!

But what are your odds of passing? Are you in danger – or totally fine? What can you do if you’re in trouble?

A few months ago I created the following hair drug test quiz and calculator to answer this really important question in 60 seconds or less on your mobile phone. It’s been used many thousands of times since.

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This calculator uses straightforward math and medical facts about how long drug traces remain in your blood to help you understand what your chances of passing are.

If you are at a high risk of failing, we tell you what you can do to improve your odds of passing.

This hair test calculator takes about 60 seconds to complete.

How Does the Hair Test Calculator Work?

The calculator works like a quiz.

It asks you several questions & then uses that information to calculate your chances of passing or failing your upcoming hair drug test.

The quiz asks six things about you and your recent drug use, as follows:

1. When is your next hair test?

hair test calculator - when is your test

Knowing the date of your hair drug test is important in calculating your chances of passing it. The calculator will compare that date to the current date to see if you have enough time to grow clean hair.

You don’t have to know exactly when you are going for the test. You can take a guestimate. But be conservative with your estimation.

You don’t want to overshoot and then find out the test will happen sooner before enough time has passed to get clean.

If you are sure it is a certain month, go for a date like the first of that month. This way, you’ll leave yourself with enough room to do what you need to do before the test.

2. What is your sex?

hair test calculator - what is your sex

Most types of drug metabolites including THC are stored in body fat cells. The amount of body fat in an individual, therefore, determines how long that drug stays in the body.

People with more body fat generally need more time before all the fat cells holding the drugs are burned and the metabolites released into the bloodstream.

Women typically have more body fat than men. So holding all factors constant (frequency of drug use, last date of use etc.) men will take a shorter time to kick all traces of the drug out of their body.

But to be honest, the difference this makes is small.

So while I have included a question on sex in the quiz, it’s not nearly as important as other factors like the last date of use or test date.

3. Which drug are you worried about most?

Note: this hair test calculator only works for one drug at a time, so if you’ve used multiple drugs then run it once for each.

Different drugs stick around in your blood for different lengths of time.

For example, THC can remain at detectable levels for 30 days, whereas most other drugs are gone in 24-48 hours.

See this page for a table listing 125 drugs & how long they remain in your body

4. How frequently did you use that drug?

hair test calculator - how frequently

If you just took one hit of weed, you have almost zero chance of being detected.

If you are a heavy daily user, then it might take a month to clear your levels below the test threshold.

5. Last time you used that drug?

hair test calculator - last use date

Kinda obvious why I ask this one.

6. Elapsed time between your last use and your hair test?

hair test calculator - last use days count

There are two options: less than 100 days or more than 100 days.

So you don’t need to calculate the exact number of days between the two dates.

Just check the calendar or do a mental calculation of how many months have elapsed.

Your Personalized Results & Advice

hair test calculator - results - you will pass

After answering the questions above, the calculator will tell you whether you are at risk of failing a hair test or whether it looks like you’ll pass.

If you are not at risk, the calculator will tell you.

If you are at high risk of failing, then the last page will list a couple of proven ways you can detox your hair if you don’t have enough time to grow 90 days of fresh, clean hair.

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