Best THC Detox Kit for Weed & Marijuana 2020: Never Fail Again

THC detox kit

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Looking for a THC detox kit that works?

You’ve come to the right place.

Finding an effective THC detox is usually a gamble. You can’t be sure if it’s just a hype product or if it’ll help you beat a drug test.

You can’t afford to buy the wrong detox kit. After all, it’s your career or that new job offer on the line.

In this buying guide, we review the best and most proven detox kits for weed & marijuana plus tips on where to buy a good THC detox kit (not GNC).

How Do Marijuana/THC Detox Kits Work?

thc detox kit

There are two types of THC detox kits.

One, those that accelerate the body’s detox process.

Two, those that mask metabolites in your THC.

The first type of kits that detox is the best for most stoners. Because they remove metabolites from your body, rather than just masking them, they provide the best chance of passing a drug test.

You’ll find yourself peeing and pooping more than usual. That’s how you know the detox is working.

Detox kits contain laxatives, fiber, and diuretics that help flush THC out of the body.

Combined with natural detox (exercise, water, and a high-fiber diet), a detox kit can remove THC from your body in as little as five days for light and moderate users and about 10-14 days for heavy smokers.

THC masking kits are strictly not detox kits, though most manufacturers label them as such. They do not quicken your body’s detox process.

Instead, they dilute your urine, lowering levels of THC metabolites to below the threshold level required for a positive result.

Masking kits are available as pills or detox drinks. They are the best for those who need a quick fix. If you don’t have days to wait for a detox kit to work, a masking product can help.

How Effective Are THC Detox Kits?

detox kits

The effectiveness of a THC detox kit depends on several factors.

  1. The quality of the detox kit. Only buy a proven detox kit from a reputable company or store.
  2. Your ability to follow the detox instructions. All detox kits come with strict instructions for using it. This includes how often you should use the products and for how many days. Deviating from the instructions will reduce the effectiveness of the detox.
  3. How heavy of a user you are. If you’ve been taking weed, in whatever form, for long or in large amounts, you’ll have a lot more THC in your body. This can make it harder to detox completely. But with enough time and with the right kit, even heavy users can test clean.
  4. How much time you have. If you discover you have a drug test coming up in the next one or two days, it’s going to be harder to detox even with a good quality kit. To increase your chances of passing the test

Other factors to take into account include your body physique (bigger bodies take longer to detox) and metabolism (higher metabolism allows you to detox faster).

Oh, by the way, what you’ve been consuming matters too. Concentrated weed products like edibles and vape pens add more THC to your body, meaning it takes longer to detox.

Best THC Detox Kits (comparison table)

THC Detox KitWhat’s IncludedLength of DetoxBest ForPrice
Toxin Rid
Toxin Rid
Pills + detox liquid + dietary fiber 3-14 daysLight, moderate and heavy marijuana usersCheck Price
Rescue 5-day detox
Rescue 5-day detox
60 daily Pills + 4 starter and 4 finisher pills + 8 detox pills5 daysLight and moderate marijuana usersCheck Price on Amazon
Stat Flush 5
5 capsules60-90 minutesLight, moderate and heavy marijuana usersCheck Price on Amazon
Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula
Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula
60 capsules2 weeks-1 monthLight, moderate and heavy marijuana usersCheck Price on Amazon
Detoxify Mega Clean
32 oz. detox drink3-5 hoursLight, moderate and heavy marijuana usersCheck Price on Amazon

Best THC Detox Kit Reviews

Toxin Rid

toxin rid 5 day detox

Toxin Rid is the most popular THC detox kit. It is our top recommendation for those with a drug test coming up. Specifically, a urine drug test. Toxin Rid doesn’t remove THC from hair follicles.

Read our review of Toxin Rod to learn more about it.

The Toxin Rid detox kit is available in several packages depending on how much time you have before the test and how heavy of a user you are. The kits range from a 3-day package to a 14-day package.

What’s Included in Toxin Rid?

The Toxin Rid detox kit contains three things.

Pre-rid tablets: Take 15 of these pills per day (three per hour for five hours). The number of tablets depends on the Toxin Rid package you choose.

Dietary fiber: To be taken an hour before the drug test.

Detox liquid: Reserve the detox liquid for the last day of the program. Drink half of it two hours after your last pills then drink the other half after two more hours.

How Toxin Rid Works

Toxin Rid quickens the body’s detox process by about 50%. The pills, dietary fiber, and detox liquid all work to make you poop and pee more.

This flushes out most of the THC stored in your fat cell in less time than it would naturally take for your body to do it.

In addition to taking the pills, it is important to eat food high in fiber and lean protein and drink plenty of water. This will speed up the detox.

Exercising daily also helps. It releases THC stored in fat cells, allowing it to get out of the body.

How to Use Toxin Rid

The most intensive part of the Toxin Rid detox process is taking the pills.

You have to take 15 tablets a day within 5 hours. Because the pills will make you go to the toilet more, choose a convenient time when you are at home (e.g., between 6 pm and 11 pm).

Take three pills every hour for five hours.

On the last day of the program, two hours after you take the last three pills, take half the detox liquid with 16oz of water.

Take the other half after two hours (do not eat or drink anything in between) then fast for two more hours.

The dietary fiber is for test day. Take it an hour before the test with 8oz. Water. After 15 minutes, drink 16oz. Of water and pee 2-3 times before the test.

You are ready for the test.

Note: For peace of mind, take a THC home test after you’ve finished the program (even if you haven’t taken the dietary fiber). If it comes back positive, you’ll need more time to detox.


  • Highly effective at detoxing THC from the body.
  • Ideal for all types of marijuana users. For heavy users, we recommend any package from 7 days upwards.
  • No harmful side effects – it’s all-natural.
  • Easy to follow usage instructions.


  • Expensive – but it’s worth it.

Bottom Line

The Toxin Rid detox kit is the best choice for anyone looking for a proven marijuana detox kit.

Where to Buy It

Rescue 5-Day Detox

Rescue 5-Day Detox

The Rescue detox promises to get rid of THC from your body in just five days. But does it work as well as it claims to?

Based on the user reviews we’ve seen, the success rate for the Rescue 5-day detox is roughly in the same range as Toxin Rid.

For most people, the Rescue 5-day detox works.

Of course, it’s not a magic pill, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll test clean. Factors such as how much weed you take, and your body size will affect the effectiveness of the detox.

For the best result, we recommend the 5-day kit for light and moderate marijuana users. For heavy users, five days may not be enough to kick all the THC out of your body. Try one of Toxin Rid’s 7-14 day packages.

What’s Included in Rescue 5-day Detox?

Here’s what included in the Rescue 5-day detox.

Four head start pills: Take these before you start your detox.

30-morning formula pills: Take six of these every morning.

30 evening formula pills: Take six of these every evening.

Four finisher pills: Take these on the day after your last bunch of pills.

8 ICE capsules: Take these on the day of the test, a couple of hours before you go to the lab.

How the Rescue 5-day Detox Works

Rescue works a lot like Toxin Rid. It accelerates the body’s detoxification process.

So, instead of taking several weeks to detox, the pill course flushes THC from your body in less than a week.

Like Toxin Rid, the Rescue detox pills remove THC through two avenues: urine and stool. So expect to spend a lot more time in John.

But Rescue does not rely on detox alone. The kit also includes pills that work like a detox liquid, masking any remaining metabolites in your urine.

These are the ICE capsules you take on the day of the test. They provide extra peace of mind when you go to take the drug test.

How to Use the Rescue 5-day Detox

The instructions for using Rescue are straightforward – just remember to take a bunch of pills every day.

  • On the first night before you start on the main pills, take the four head start pills all at once with water.
  • Then, for the next five days, take six-morning pills and six evening pills every morning and evening. The seller recommends taking them on an empty stomach an hour before you eat. But you can also take them after you eat if they cause any stomach discomfort.
  • By the end of day five, you should have taken 60 pills plus the four starter pills.
  • On day six, take the four finisher pills at once.
  • By now, you should have just eight pills left. These are the ICE pills that mask any remnant THC metabolites in your urine. Take the pills with water about two hours before the test. You’ll pee several times within those two hours.

In addition to taking the pills, modify your diet and activity level.

Eat foods high on lean proteins and fiber. This will help flush even more THC through stool.

You should also work out every day to release THC stored in fat cells.


  • Cheaper than Toxin Rid.
  • No harmful side effects.
  • Effective THC detox for light and moderate weed users.
  • Easy to follow usage instructions.


  • Not ideal for heavy weed users. If you’ve been smoking several joints a day for months or years, choose one of the 7-14 day Toxin Rid kits.

Bottom Line

Rescue 5-day detox is a great choice for any marijuana user looking for an affordable but effective THC detox kit.

Where to Buy It

StatFlush 5

StatFlush 5

If you are short on time, traditional detox kits are a gamble. They are effective, but they need time, at least 3-5 days.

But if you have a test in the next one or two days, you need a THC masking product. Our top recommendation is Stat Flush 5.

The name comes from the fact that it consists of just five capsules that you take all at once just before the test.

What’s Included in Stat Flush 5?

Five capsules. Just that.

Each capsule contains a combination of herbs and vitamins carefully formulated to provide the best masking results.

You can see the full ingredient list right on the bottle.

How Stat Flush 5 Works

Stat Flush works differently from Toxin Rid and Rescue. Instead of flushing THC out of the body, it masks it in your urine.

Stat Flush does this in two ways.

One, it dilutes your urine while keeping it natural. The combination of vitamins, herbs, and water lowers the level of THC metabolites in your urine without significantly changing your urine’s natural composition.

Maintaining the balance of various components normally found in urine is important as it ensures your sample is not rejected for being too dilute.

The second way Stat Flush works is by temporarily forcing THC and other substances to be absorbed into fat cells rather than staying in your bloodstream and coming out through urine.

This gives you a window of about 60-90 minutes during which you may test clean (it’s not a guarantee).

How to Use Stat Flush

Take all the five capsules at the same time with 4 cups of water (32 oz.).

Do not take more water than this. It might seem obvious that drinking more water helps dilute the urine further, but this can result in an invalid test. You don’t want to over-dilute your urine. 4 cups are enough.

Take the pills about one and a half hours before the test. The company says the pills provide a 4-hour ‘clean’ window, but to be safe, take them within 60-90 minutes of the test.

The best thing about Stat Flush is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been smoking or how much weed you’ve been taking.

Even if you’ve taken a joint on the day of the test, Stat Flush can mask any fresh THC in your body.

Remember that it’s not a miracle pill. Many customers say it didn’t work for them. But most people say they tested negative.


  • A cheap and fast ‘detox’ solution.
  • Works for all types of users – light to heavy.
  • Easy to use. Just take five pills before the test.


  • There’s no guarantee it will work for all weed users.
  • Limited window. Make sure you get tested within 1-4 hours after you take the pills. If there’s a delay in the test, you might test positive. The best window is between 60 and 90 minutes.

Bottom Line

Stat Flush 5 is a great choice for any weed user looking for a fast and cheap way to pass a urine drug test.

Where to Buy It

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

For those with the luxury of time, we recommend the Herbal Pre-Cleanse formula.

It is a detox formula but nowhere near as powerful as Toxin Rid or Rescue. You’ll need at least two weeks for it to work.

We also recommend combining it with natural detox (exercise + diet) as well as a detox liquid on the day of the test.

If you don’t have the money to buy Toxin Rid but have plenty of time before the test, give Herbal Pre-Cleanse formula a try.

Have some urine test strips at hand and keep testing yourself as the test day approaches.

What’s Included in Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

A single bottle of Herbal Pre-Cleanse contains 60 capsules.

These are enough to last you a month.

How Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula Works

Herbal Pre-Cleanse is more of a supplement than a fast detox pill course.

It works just like other detox pills – by accelerating the body’s detox process – but at a much slower rate.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse is formulated to support a natural detox though exercise and high-fiber foods.

How to Use Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

The most important thing is to make sure you have lots of time before the test – at least two weeks for light and moderate smokers and at least a month for heavy users.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse works slowly. That’s why you need time before the test.

Take two pills a day with water.

Also, eat high-fiber foods to flush THC out of your body through stool and exercise daily to release THC stored in fat cells. Remember to drink lots of water as well. It helps flush THC from your body.

You’ll also need to buy a detox liquid such as Detoxify Mega Clean, which we review next. Take the detox liquid on the day of the test to mask any remaining THC metabolites in your urine.


  • Affordable – cheaper than fast detox pills.
  • Effective for most people.
  • Easy to take – just two pills a day.


  • You’ll need to support it with natural detox and a detox liquid.
  • It requires more time to work.

Bottom Line

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is a great choice for any marijuana user looking for an affordable detox kit and has lots of time before the drug test.

Where to Buy It

Detoxify Mega Clean

Mega Clean from Detoxify is one of the most popular detox drinks and has a great reputation compared to most detox drinks available at Walmart and CVS.

Mega Clean is specifically formulated for heavy users and people with bigger bodies (more body mass means higher THC levels). This is what makes it much more powerful compared to basic detox drinks.

Mega Clean gives you a window of about 3-5 hours during which your chances of testing clean are very high.

What’s included in Detoxify Mega Clean

You’ll receive a 32oz. Bottle of Detoxify Mega Clean with either a wild berry or tropical fruit flavor. It goes down surprisingly easy.

If you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear, you’ll also receive six pre-rid tablets for free. These tablets push out toxins from your body, giving Mega Clean an easier time masking your urine and increasing your chances of passing the test.

How Detoxify Mega Clean Works

Detoxify Mega Clean works by masking THC metabolites in your urine.

It prevents additional metabolites from being released into your bloodstream and dilutes your urine so that metabolites already in your blood and urine are not detected.

Even as it dilutes your urine, Mega Clean retains the balance of various components. This ensures your urine does not raise any suspicions at the lab, which could lead to an invalid test.

Note that, unlike detox pills, Detoxify Mega Clean is not a permanent detox. It works within a limited period, which is 3-5 hours.

If you wait too long to get the test, some of the THC will creep back into your urine, and you could test positive.

How to Use Detoxify Mega Clean

  • Stop smoking weed or eating edibles at least 48 hours before the test. The last thing you want to do is pump more THC into your body. It’ll make it harder for Mega Clean to mask it.
  • Also, avoid foods that are fatty or greasy. Instead, eat high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables and foods rich in proteins such as lean meat. It’s a good idea to also keep away from alcohol and unnecessary meds for 48 hours before the test.
  • A day before the test, take the six pre-rid pills either all at once or two every hour. Drink plenty of water during this time and urinate frequently.
  • Two hours before the test, shake the Mega Clean bottle and drink the entire liquid slowly for 10-15 minutes.
  • Add water to the empty bottle and drink it. Urinate at least twice over the next two hours then go get the test.

Make sure you give a sample within the limited 3-5 hour window. If there’s any delay, it increases the risk of failing the drug test.


  • An effective quick ‘detox’ solution for those short on time.
  • Comes with free pre-rid pills (if you buy from Test Clear).
  • Easy to use.


  • More expensive than most detox drinks. But for a reason – it works.
  • Limited window.

Bottom Line

Detoxify Mega Clean is a great choice for anyone looking for an effective quick detox drink. It’s ideal for those who are short on time.

Where to Buy it

How Much Do THC Detox Kits Typically Cost?

Prices for THC detox kits can range from as little as $10 for a quick detox drink to as much as $200 for a multi-day detox kit.

Quick detox drinks and pills that work by masking are the cheapest, with most costing less than $50.

Most detox kits (those that detox, not mask) cost less than $100. Only highly intensive kits like the Toxin Rid 10-day package go over the $100 mark.

Generally, most detox kits – regardless of how they work – are pretty affordable.

Where Can I Buy THC Detox Kits? (not GNC)

marijuana detox kit

When shopping for a THC detox kit, we recommend staying away from Walmart, CVS, and GNC.

Sure, they sell plenty of detox products, but they won’t help you.

Amazon has some reputable detox kits, mostly quick detox pills, and drinks. Some manufacturers of THC detox products also have official websites where you can order a kit.

But one of the best places to buy a THC Detox Kit is Test Clear. Their products are genuine, they have plenty of positive customer reviews, and they provide excellent customer support.

What About Hair Detox Kits?

drug detox kits

You may have noticed that we’ve not mentioned a hair detox kit above. That’s because there’s isn’t a complete hair detox kit available in the market.

Sure, there are hair detox shampoos such as Zydot, Clean and Clear pink, and Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. But these don’t work on their own.

They are part of the only two hair detox methods we trust: the Macujo method and the Jerry G method. You can read more about them in our guide on how to pass a hair drug test

If you see a company selling a complete hair detox kit, it’s probably a hyped product that won’t work for you.

Remember that hair drug tests are much harder to beat. Taking a bunch of pills won’t get rid of THC metabolites in your hair follicles.

The above two methods involve intense hair cleansing.

Conclusion – My Best Advice

THC detox kit

If you have a drug test coming up, relax, you can probably beat it. Even if you are a heavy user, there are several ways to increase your chances of passing the test.

When choosing the best THC detox kit, the most important thing to consider is the amount of time you have.

If you have more than two weeks, go with a slow detox product like Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula.

If you have between two weeks and five days, go with a more intensive detox kit such as Detox Kit or Rescue 5-day detox.

Both of these two solutions will quicken your body’s detox process.

If you have between 1-3 days to detox, your best option is a detox drink or pills. This method does not quicken detox; rather, it masks THC metabolites.

Whichever option you choose, remember to supplement it with exercise and a high-fiber, high-protein diet plus plenty of water.

Good luck with your test.