Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox Review: Does It Really Work As Claimed?

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Toxin Rid is the most popular THC detox kit. It’s also one of the few marijuana detox methods that works. 

Unlike other detox products and methods, Toxin Rid works by accelerating your body’s detox process which naturally flushes more THC metabolites from your body prior to the test.

Like other THC detox methods, there is no guarantee that you are going to pass your test after using Toxin Rid. Factors like body weight, metabolism, how heavy of a user you are, and how soon the test is will affect your chances of passing.

Regardless of your situation, Toxin Rid can significantly improve your chances of passing the drug test.

In putting this review together, we looked at ever customer review and personal story we could find online – and most people report a negative test after using this product.

What’s in This Product Review?

In this 10-minute review, we explain what’s in the Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox kit, how it works, and – most importantly – how to use it correctly.

On this page, we are focusing on the Toxin Rid 5-day kit.

Test Clear also sells 3-, 4-, 7-, 10-, and 14-day kits. The right kit depends on how many days you think you need to clean your system.   Ask their customer support for recommendations.

What’s in the Kit?

toxin rid

The Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox kit is a detoxification system consisting of three parts:

75 Pre-Rid tablets: These are the tablets you’ll take over the five day regimen.

Dietary fiber, 1 fluid ounce: To be taken on the day of the test.

Detox liquid, 1 fluid ounce: To be taken on the last day of the detox program.

Test Clear also offers a free home test, and you can add more marijuana tests at an extra cost.

How Toxin Rid Works

Toxin Rid

To understand how Toxin Rid works, it is important to explain how THC leaves the body after you’ve inhaled or ingested marijuana.

Most people assume that THC gets out of their body mostly through urine, which is the reason most companies ask for a urine test.

But in reality, most of the THC metabolites in your system – up to 65% –exit your system through your feces.

About 20% is what gets out through urine.

That’s why drinking a lot of water or taking a diuretic (a substance that makes you pee more) on its own is usually not enough to help you pass the test.

To ensure a faster and more thorough detox, Toxin Rid targets both elimination methods using natural laxatives and natural diuretics.

By the way, Toxin Rid is all-natural. There aren’t any synthetics. It also doesn’t contain any animal products, so it is vegan-friendly.

The laxatives loosen your stool, making you go to the toilet more frequently.

Warning: you’ll spend a fair amount of time on the toilet when you start taking Toxin Rid. That’s a good thing as it shows that it’s working.

The diuretics, one of which is Alfalfa extract, make you pee more. 

In addition to alfalfa, Toxin Rid contains several minerals and salts that act as natural diuretics. Yes, salt can make you urinate more frequently.

Note: because you will be flushing a lot of water and waste out of your system, you need to drink more water than usual to replace those fluids.

Enhancing Your Body’s Natural Detox System

toxin rid 5 day detox reviews

Unlike many other ‘detox products’, Toxin Rid does not work by masking drugs in your system. It also doesn’t rely just on dilution. Instead, it clears the drug from your body using your body’s natural systems.

You could wait out the drug and let your body’s natural detox process clear it, but that will take time – time you probably don’t have.

Toxin Rid speeds up the natural detox process using safe, natural ingredients.

The combination of natural laxatives and diuretics forces your body to excrete more waste out of your body. The more urine and feces you excrete, the more metabolites you flush out of your body.

It’s that simple.

Toxin Rid also contains several electrolytes, including potassium and magnesium, that maintain your urine’s natural concentration.

They ensure that your sample does not raise any suspicions, which could lead the lab to reject it.

Detox Liquid

detox liquid orange juice

The detox liquid that’s included with the pills helps flush even more metabolites out of your system. You are supposed to take it with water or orange juice on the day you take your last pill.





Dietary Fiber

toxin rid detox

On the day of the test, there could still be some THC left in your fat cells that could find its way into your blood and eventually into your urine. The risk of this happening is higher if you don’t eat enough. This is a process called re-intoxication.

The dietary fiber included in the Toxin Rid kit stops re-intoxication from occurring. It contains psyllium husk, a natural fiber that acts as a laxative.

The dietary fiber in Toxin Rid bulks your stool, helping you to flush out more THC metabolites when you use the toilet. This prevents remaining THC from getting out through your urine.

Eating a lot of carbs and fatty foods on the day of the test will also help block any residual THC from getting into your urine.

How to Properly Take Toxin Rid

toxin rid 5 day detox

For the best chance of passing your test, you must follow the instructions on the label. If you have to set the alarm to remind you of taking the pills, do it.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly use the Toxin Rid 5-day detox kit.

The process is the same for the other kits. It’s just that you’ll take the pills for fewer or more days, depending on which kit you’ve ordered.

Now, you should stop using marijuana immediately you learn about the test. The more time you have before the test, the higher your chances of passing.

You should also start working out, specifically cardio (except on the day of the test) to get fat cells to release THC. Eating more veggies, lean protein, and high-fiber foods will also help flush THC from your body.

Stage 1: Pre-Rid Pills

The pills are the most crucial part of the detox. If you got the 5-day detox kit, you should have 75 capsules – enough for five days.

Take three pills every hour for five consecutive hours for five straight days. Drink at least eight ounces of water with each 3-pill dose.

Here’s what your first day of detox is going to look like, assuming you start taking the pills at 6 pm.  (Because of the laxative and diuretic effect, I recommend taking the pills in the evening).

6 pm: take three pills along eight ounces of water

7 pm: three pills + eight ounces water

8 pm: three pills + eight ounces water

9 pm: three pills + eight ounces water

10 pm: three pills + eight ounces water

Now repeat this every day for the next four days.

Remember to eat a lot of high-fiber foods and lean proteins during these five days. Add vegetables, fruits, whole-wheat foods, legumes, and lean meats to your diet.

You should also drink plenty of water even outside the hours when you take the pills. This will flush out more THC and prevent you from becoming dehydrated.

Stage 2: Detox Liquid

Take the detox liquid on the fifth day, the last day of your detox program.

Two hours after your last pills, drink half of the detox liquid with 16 ounces of water or orange juice.

Then, fast – no food or drink – for the next two hours and then drink the rest of the liquid with the same amount of water.

Fast for two more hours before resuming your regular diet.

Here’s how your last day will look like. Unless you plan to stay up most of the night, you’ll need to set the alarm to wake you up every two hours.

10 pm: Last three pills

Midnight: First half of detox liquid + 16 ounces water

2 am: Final half of detox liquid + 16 ounces water

You can resume eating and drinking normally at breakfast.

Note: Take the detox liquid on the last day of your program regardless of when the test is, whether the next day or in the next one week.

Stage 3: Dietary Fiber (Testing Day)

If it has been four days since you completed the above two steps, taking the dietary fiber is optional.

If your test is scheduled a day or two after the 5-day program ends, then you must take this one hour before the test.

Mix the dietary fiber in 16 ounces of water and drink immediately. Let 15 minutes pass, then drink 16 more ounces of water.

You’ll feel the need to pee 2-3 times in the next hour. After that, you are ready to take the test.

Home Testing

Marijuana Blood Test

Do not wait until the actual test to find out whether the detox worked. That’s too risky.

Home marijuana tests are cheap and easily accessible. Get a few and test several times before you go in for the lab test.

A negative home test is no guarantee of the same at the lab, but it helps reduce the jitters.


Frequently Asked Questions about Toxin Rid

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Is Toxin Rid permanent?

Yes, it is. Unlike other detox methods, Toxin Rid doesn’t mask or dilute urine temporarily. It gets rid of THC from your system.

By the end of the detox program, most of it will be gone.

So, in case you have to take a repeat test a few days later, you’ll still be clean. There will be no need to start another regimen.

Does toxin rid have any side effects?

Toxin rid uses natural ingredients, so the risk of adverse side effects is very low. That doesn’t mean there are no side effects.

For one, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the toilet. The detox makes you poop and pee a lot more frequently.

Some users have also reported some weight loss, which is likely caused by the laxative.

If you exercise and eat healthy as part of your detox, you may also notice some weight loss.

What else can I do to test clean?

In addition to taking Toxin Rid, do the following to improve your chances of testing clean.

  • Stop taking marijuana.
  • Start working out. Do cardio every day, except on the day of the test. This will flush THC from your fat cells.
  • Eat clean. Add high-fiber and lean protein foods to your diet. These include vegetables, fruits (whole fruits, not just smoothies, and juices), lean meats, grains, and legumes.
  • Relax and hope for the best. If you’ve followed the instructions, there’s nothing more you can do.

Learn More About Toxin Rid at (their customer support is awesome, btw).