Does Toxin Rid Really Work? 2020 In-Depth Review

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Toxin Rid is a detox program for people who want to get rid of THC and other drug metabolites from their systems. Here is a quick Toxin Rid review below.

Depending on how much time you have before the test and how heavy of a user you are, you can choose a program ranging between 1 day and 14 days.

Among stoners, Toxin Rid has the best reputation for clearing THC from the body quickly and effectively. Toxin Rid is one of the few detox programs we recommend to our readers because it works.

But it doesn’t just work for THC. Toxin Rid also clears metabolites from other drugs commonly tested for during interviews, in the workplace and legal situations.

Toxin Rid’s effectiveness doesn’t come cheap. It is the most expensive detox program for THC and other drugs.

In this review, I discuss Toxin Rid in detail, why it works better than most other detox pills, how to use it to pass a drug test, and how much it costs.

Fair warning: Toxin Rid is an intensive detox program, as you’ll need to take three pills every hour for five hours, not to mention the natural detox that’s crucial to passing the test. The detox is laborious, but it is effective.

Which Types of Drug Tests Can You Use Toxin Rid For?

Toxin Rid Rescue Mouthwash

Toxin Rid will help you pass a urine or blood drug test. Thankfully, most companies ask for urine tests.

If you are getting an oral swab, I recommend Toxin Rid Rescue Mouthwash. It quickly rinses your mouth of any drug traces minutes before you get tested.

If you are getting a hair follicle drug test, Toxin Rid will not work for you since it does not remove drug metabolites from your hair follicles. Read our guide on how to pass a hair follicle drug test.




Toxin Rid: What’s In the Box?

toxin rid

Here’s what your Toxin Rid package includes.

Pre-rid Tablets

Each Toxin Rid program comes with a 15-a-day pack of pills. Yes, you read that right; 15 pills a day.

If you choose the 1-day program, you’ll receive 15 pre-rid tablets. If you choose the 10-day program, you’ll receive 150 tablets.

By the way, Toxin Rid pills do not contain any synthetic chemicals. They are formulated with a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that speed up your body’s detox process.

Additionally, the pills do not contain any known allergens.

Detox Drink

Whichever Toxin Rid program you choose, you’ll receive a 1oz bottle of a detox drink.

You take the detox drink on the last day of your detox program. It helps flush any remaining metabolites out of your system.

Dietary Fiber

You also get an ounce of dietary fiber with your Toxin Rid package. The fiber consists of Psyllium Husk Powder, a natural laxative. The dietary fiber gets rid of any remaining metabolites through stool.

You are supposed to take the dietary fiber on the day of the test.

How Toxin Rid Works

Drug Test

To be clear, Toxin Rid does not work like instant detox products that mask the presence of THC in your urine.

Toxin Rid helps remove drugs in your system. It is a true detox.

But it’s not a magic pill. Toxin Rid will not magically get rid of all traces of drugs from your body. Rather, it works as a catalyst for your body’s natural detox process.

Using Toxin Rid increases the speed of natural detox by about 50%.

If you are a chronic user, it’ll take 20-30 days for THC to dissipate naturally out of the body. With Toxin Rid, you can half that period using a 10-14 day detox program.

The daily pills are the foundation of the Toxin Rid program. They do most of the detoxing.

The detox drink and the dietary fiber are there just to wrap things up neatly and increase your chances of a clean test.

One thing Toxin Rid users don’t often say, and which you should prepare for, is how much you’ll be going to the toilet.

To accelerate detox, Toxin Rid uses diuretics and laxatives to make your body produce more pee and stool. Every time you go to the toilet, some of the drug metabolites get out.

So don’t worry if you have to dash to the toilet more often than usual; that’s how you know the program is working.

Which is the Best Toxin Rid Program?

toxin rid 10 day detox

When I was going in for a drug test, I like to be double sure that I’m going to pass. Being a daily user, I wouldn’t choose anything lower than the 10-day Toxin Rid program.

But if you a very light user, maybe once a week or two, a 3, 4, or 5-day program will work. For average users, a joint every day or every couple of days, get the seven or 10-day plan.

For chronic users – you smoke or vape several times a day –get the maximum 14-day program and combine it with natural detox routine (light exercise, lots of water, and healthy food).

If you are going in for the test in the next one or two days, try the 1, 2, or 3-day crash program. But note that your chances of passing the test will be lower, especially if you are a heavy user.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best Toxin Rid program is the concentration of drugs that you’ve been taking.

Vaping delivers more THC to the body compared to smoking. If you use a vape pen, you likely have a higher concentration of THC in your body compared to a smoker.

Edibles tend to be highly concentrated as well.

If you vape or take edibles, get a longer Toxin Rid program even if you are a light user. We recommend at least five days for light users and ten days for average and heavy users.

Also, if you are heavier or taller than average, your body takes longer to detox. We recommend choosing a longer Toxin Rid program.

How to Use Toxin Rid

toxin rid dose reminder

As I mentioned, Toxin Rid is an intensive program. It requires dedication…and a phone reminder.

Here are the usage instructions from the manufacturer.

Daily Dosage

Take five pills every hour for five hours consecutively. This is where you’ll need that reminder.

At the top of every hour for five hours, pop three tablets with 16oz water for a total of 15 tablets per day.

Before you start, choose the most convenient time to take the pills, since you’ll need to stick to that time every day. If you go to work or have a business, we recommend evening hours between 5 pm and midnight.

Remember, you’ll be using the bathroom more often, and being at home ensures no one gets curious about your new toilet routine.

If you take your first three pills at 6 pm, your last ones will be at 11 pm.

On the Last Day

On the last day, you’ll be taking the pills, fast for two hours after you take the last three pills. This is a full fast – no food, no juice, no coffee, and no water.

Take half the detox drink after the fast is over and then do another 2-hour fast. Take the last half of the detox drink then wait half an hour before you eat or drink anything.

Test Day

On the day of the test, an hour before you get tested, mix the dietary fiber in 8oz water and drink. After 15 minutes, drink 16oz water.

Pee 2-3 times before you go in for the test.

The manufacturer says you can skip the dietary fiber if your drug test is more than four days after you finish the detox program.

You can also replace the fiber with a flush drink such as Mega Clean.

Tips to Pass the Drug Test

pre-employment drug test

The best advice from other Toxin Rid users is to self-test often. Order several test kits when you buy Toxin Rid.

Self-testing gives you peace of mind when you go in for the actual test. If you tested negative at home, there’s a good chance the lab test will be negative too.

If the home tests keep showing positive, at least you’ll have some time to try something different before test day.

Note: Do not stop the program if you get a negative test at home. Keep at it until you finish.

Another piece of advice is to do natural detox alongside Toxin Rid detox. Here’s how you detox naturally:

  • Exercise every day, but keep it light. According to the Toxin Rid manufacturer, heavy exercise can hinder the effectiveness and speed of the detox.
  • Eat food high in fiber and lean proteins. Avoid processed foods, excess carbohydrates, and foods high in sugar.
  • Reduce or stop the intake of alcohol, coffee, and tobacco as they can slow down the detox.
  • Drink a lot of water and fluids. The more you pee, the faster the THC gets out of the body.


10 Day Detox Toxin Rid

I have seen many products that wrongly claim to provide quick and effective THC detox. They are usually dirt-cheap, and you can get them in major pharmacies and chain stores like Walmart and CVS.

Don’t risk your job with these products. Toxin Rid is the real deal.

It does not guarantee a clean test – no product can do that – but you stand a much better chance of passing the test with Toxin Rid than with any other detox pills and drinks.