Does Home Depot Drug Test? (& How To Pass It Safely)

Home depot is one of the major home improvement stores in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of part-time and full-time employees.

Their drug testing procedures vary depending on state and local laws, but the rules are the same across the entire organization. There’s a strict no drug policy.

Every employee, whether front end or corporate, undergoes pre-hire drug tests as well as random tests.

When is the Drug Test Carried Out?

Home Depot Drug Test

During the last phase of the interview, when accepting the job offer, you will be required to agree to the rules and regulations ascertaining your abstinence from drugs while working.

This will give the company the authority to conduct random drug tests, tests after an accident, or if you are under suspicion of being under the influence of a substance.

The pre-hire test will be carried out during the last phase of the interview. This test is carried out on every prospective employee who makes it to the final phase.

Since home depot deals with a lot of tools and potentially dangerous equipment, associates are required to be of sound mind at all times to prevent accidents.

You can only sign the contract if you pass the test. If you fail the drug test, you will lose the opportunity to work with Home Depot.

Random tests are carried out to ensure that associates remain drug-free for the duration they are at Home Depot. You cannot tell who will be tested when the test will be conducted, or which type of test will be used.

If you are involved in an accident at work, there will be a post-accident drug test. Whether or not you caused the accident, all associates involved will be tested.

As you wait for the results of the test, you may be asked to step down from your post. If the results are positive, you will be terminated from your job.

If a supervisor has any suspicion that you are under the influence of an illegal substance, whether it is due to behavior, speech, or smell, they may initiate the process for drug testing. It may cost you your job if the test turns positive.

Type of Tests Used by Home Depot

Lowe's Drug Test

Home Depot mainly uses a urine test or an oral swab. The urine test is mostly used during the pre-employment interview, while the oral swab test is used for the random test. Rarely, some locations may conduct blood tests.

In both the urine and the mouth swab tests, your urine and saliva will be checked for the presence of drugs such as marijuana, PCP, opiates, cocaine, ecstasy, and other illegal drugs. Though the blood test is seldom used, it is used to test for similar substances.

How to Beat the Home Depot Drug Test

Home Depot Drug Test

The best way to pass the test is to get clean. If you have an interview coming up in a few weeks, stop taking the drugs, and your body will detox naturally.

To pass the oral test, you need to be clean for 3-4 days to avoid detection. If you have no time, try the following:

  • Brush your teeth often
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use a strong cleansing mouthwash
  • Chew saliva clearing gum specially made to help you pass the oral drug test if chewed at least 30 minutes before the test.

To pass the urine test, there are several options.

One of the most recommended is to use a detox kit such as Toxin Rid. You’ll need at least three days to clear drugs from your system, more if you are a heavy user.

If you only have a few hours, try a detox drink to dilute the levels of THC in your urine to below detectable levels.

Synthetic urine is also an option, but there’s a high risk you could be discovered.

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