The 10 Most Interesting Ways to Consume Marijuana (So Far)

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When it comes to consuming marijuana, you have more options now than ever before. This makes it a little hard to determine what the best method of consumption is as new ways of consuming marijuana keep on popping up.

Smoking is the most popular practice, but vaporizers are also gaining traction. When it comes to edibles, you can enjoy almost any food with CBN, CBG, CBD, or THC. Moreover, you can also find sprays, oils, and even tampons.

So the best way of consuming marijuana depends on your personal preference. In this article, we will describe ten of the most interesting ways to consume marijuana. From our list, you can select the method that you find most appropriate.

Most Interesting Ways of Consuming Marijuana

1.           Thai Sticks

You might have not heard of Thai sticks because they were popular back in the 1960s but weren’t used after the Vietnam War. So what is a Thai stick?

Well, it is made by putting buds of seedless marijuana on a stick or stem, rolling them in THC oil and then wrapping them in leaves of marijuana. The result is a huge cigar that is made completely of marijuana.

2.           Pills

Just like medicines and drugs, marijuana can also be taken in the form of a pill or capsule. This is a good way to go if you want to avoid smoking.

However, it is worth noting that pills can be very concentrated and strong. You should check your dosage before you consume cannabis in this form.

3.           Tampons

Surprised to see tampons on this list? Well, CBD-infused tampons are a thing now and becoming popular among women as they can help stop severe menstrual cramps.

They are offered by a company called Foria. CBD-infused tampons are a little pricey but you can also make your own. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have a tampon filled with CBD. However, it might not be as effective as the ones sold at dispensaries.

4.           Sprays

THC sprays are tinctures within a spray bottle. They are like breath-freshener sprays – the difference is that one or two squirts of THC spray will send you to a high place.

These sprays are inconspicuous which means that you can administer them even around people who oppose your partaking.

5.           Lube

Cannabis lube isn’t made to get you high, but it can make sex a lot better, which might be just as great for some people. Cannabis lube, unlike the name suggests, isn’t like an actual lube.

It is actually more of a massage oil. That is why many manufactures denote their products as sensual cannabis oil. It is worth noting that cannabis lube is made for girls only. Male parts can’t absorb THC in the same manner as female parts do.

6.           Patches

A cannabis patch is a thin, small piece of plastic that is coated with adhesive and infused with CBD, THC, or both. Using a cannabis patch is simple – just apply it to a venous part of your body like your wrist, arm, or ankle and then wait.

The heat of your body will activate the patch, causing it to release cannabinoid through the skin and into your bloodstream. Then, you will arrive to a nice little high place and lose sight of reality.

7.           Tincture

Cannabis can now be consumed by simply placing tincture under the tongue. Tinctures are marijuana in liquid form and one of the best ways to get you high with cannabis.

If you don’t want to use cigarettes or vaporizers, then tinctures could be your best friend. Place a few drops of tincture under your tongue, enjoy and ride high. It takes about 5 to 15 minutes for tinctures to take affect after application.

The effects you will feel vary based on the strain of marijuana chosen as well as your experience. Tinctures are often odorless, which means that they can be easily used in public situations. For instance, if you are eating a burger and want to get high to enjoy it more, then tinctures could be the answer to your problem.

8.           Moon Rocks

Moon rocks aren’t as common as vaporizers, joints, and blunts, but they are a great method of consuming marijuana. Moon rocks are made with three cannabis products – raw bud, kief and honey oil.

Just dip your favorite cannabis product in some honey oil and roll it in kief. Allow everything to dry and then break your moon rock into smaller pieces. Now you can get high and enjoy yourself.

9.           Bath Soaks

It feels great to take a relaxing bath after a long, tiring day at work. Now imagine how much more relaxing that bath would be if you put some THC in the water. Well, this is now possible thanks to THC bath soaks.

For example, the Whoopi and Maya’s Soak combines cannabis, essential oils, and Epsom salts to create a THC bath soak. Cannabis bath can provide relief for physical symptoms as it acts on your skin, muscles, and the rest of the body without getting you high.

10.           Drinks

People have been making cannabis tea for ages. But, now you can find cannabis sodas, cannabis wines and bears, and cannabis-infused syrups for cocktails. Drink these products and you will get high instantly.

Parting Words

Marijuana certainly has some medical uses but most people consume it to get high. We don’t promote or encourage use of cannabis or any other drug for getting high.

It can have some serious consequences and can lead to health issues in the future. If you have a medical condition, then you should consume marijuana; otherwise steer clear of it.

The information above will suffice for your consumption needs, however it is best you know the duration weed stays in your body, so that you don’t take it before a job interview or meeting.