Does Petsmart Drug Test? (& How To Pass It Safely)

There has been a lot of confusion about whether Petsmart still drug tests. If you check forums like Reddit, there are comments from as recently as 2018 saying that Petsmart carries out pre-employment and workplace drug tests.

However, comments from 2019 suggest that Petsmart no longer requires drug tests.

Below is a quick explainer of what we’ve found out from credible sources and what to expect when you apply for a job at Petsmart.

Does Petsmart Require Pre-employment Drug Testing?

No drug test in Petsmart

Currently, Petsmart does not carry out pre-employment drug testing.

They used to in the past. After a successful interview, you’d get a job offer. Then, within 48 hours, you would be asked to get a drug test, which would determine whether you got hired or not.

Petsmart no longer requires prospective employees to undergo a drug test.

This policy change happened at the end of 2018, perhaps in response to increased weed legalization in many states.

So now, when you get a job offer, you can get started without undertaking a urine drug test if you’ve been smoking weed, no need for a natural detox or expensive detox pills.

Note, however, that they still reserve the right to demand a drug test if they suspect anything during the hiring process. It is unlikely, but to be safe, don’t go for the interview when high.

What About Workplace Drug Testing?

Petsmart drug test

Employees no longer get drug tested during an internal promotion.

However, if the management suspects you are on drugs, they could ask for a random drug test. It’s usually an unsupervised urine test.

If it turns out positive, it will put your job in danger.

How to Pass a Petsmart Drug Test

Pass a Petsmart Drug Test

Even though it is unlikely you’ll be tested during the interview, it’s a good idea to be ready for a random test, especially after you’ve gotten the job.

Because Petsmart uses unsupervised urine tests, you can try sneaking in fake urine. It’s the easiest way to pass the test on short notice.

If you have a day or two, try detox pills or a detox drink.

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